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Lunge Lesson Series: Get the Straight Story! - Good for all ages, all stages, all disciplines. You too can ride without stirrups and reins! Getting straight helps your safety, your seat, and your horse!

Outside riders, text Kira at 715-570-4255. Cricket Hill riders sign up in lounge, with your regular instructor, or email us. First come, first served, three instructors. Special price for the series.

April 15 Sun Noon

Egg Hunt - fun for kids of all ages. Bring your own basket! RSVP with your regular instructor.
April 22 Sun CHF Spring Schooling Show - All ages, outside barns welcome. Dressage (all levels) & Jumping. Watch this space for Prize List and Entry Form. LYDF Qualifier.
not until October :( Shelly Francis Clinic- we were planning on another clinic this April. Sad for us, but happily for Shelly, her recent CDI wins in FL have put her at the top of the list of US Team competitors for the World Cup this summer in Europe! Good luck Shelly! See you October 13-14 at Cricket Hill!
SC Gazette Seeking reporters and inviting contributions! Click on News and SC Gazette Library for all issues.
Winter Grasses showing their feathery fineness. Enjoy their winter structure along with our many different shrubs and trees, each with their own form and bark.
Summer Slide Show

A Souvenir of Garden Conservancy Open Days - Thanks to photographer Joseph Cooper, we have a wonderful depiction of our summer garden at its height!

Click here and enjoy!