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Nov 18-19 Sat-Sun Shelly Francis Clinic- U.S. Dressage Team Member back at Cricket Hill after 18 months of international competition! Contact Kira to be wait listed.
Dec 17 Sun Holiday Party - for Cricket Hill riders and families!
SC Gazette Seeking reporters and inviting contributions! Click on News and SC Gazette Library for all issues.
October Colchicums, the "fall blooming crocus" and not really a crocus at all, are still in their lavendar finery! Grasses all showing their feathery fineness. Our fall blooming clematis is covering the garden shed roof right now, a gorgeous display!
Summer Slide Show

A Souvenir of Garden Conservancy Open Days - Thanks to photographer Joseph Cooper, we have a wonderful depiction of our summer garden at its height!

Click here and enjoy!