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GOLDSTAR II awarded to Caitlin

Posted on December 29, 2007

Caitlin 12-29-07

Congratulations to Caitlin on meeting all the requirements for GoldStar II ! Caitlin is shown here with Frosted Bandit, super pony supreme, one of our best Academy Schoolmasters for building confidence.  Bandit took Caitlin to her first Youth Dressage Festival in 2008, which is where this picture was taken. As Caitlin moves on to taller horses and more success, Bandit will always have a spot in her heart.

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SADDLE CLUB – Own-a-Horse Project

Posted on December 22, 2007

A fun 6-week project going over the holidays! Members get a good idea of what it’s like to own a horse…with extra horse care activities like clipping, checking blanket fit, health check, and picking out the stall. Riding and handling goals are specific to each pair and help SC Members to improve their confidence and safety with any horse they handle. Assignments are Giulia-Robin, Tess-Sunny, Ruby-Mickey, Tasha-Beau, Lilac-Bandit, Allegra-Ray, Mia-Sweet Pea, Darian-Bridget, America-Ricky,Caitlin-Simon,Samantha-Topper, Allie-Patrick, Eleni-Paddy O’.

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Posted on December 15, 2007

Tatiana, Mariah, Lise & BrownEleni & Sunny Jump EquitationFreestylers-Eleni & StephanieRuby & MickeyPaddy enjoys the feast

We’ll all remember this year’s celebration of Winter Solstice, a dance presentation, with 3 humans and 1 equine,  pictured above left! The whole day was filled with one excitement after the other. We started with our Equitation classes – something for everyone, from leadline to jumping. Then onto jumping and games, some of the winners shown here.  The food was delicious, mulled wine as always, festively arrranged in the lounge.

Paige & Misty Leadline Equitation

Lexi & Topper W/T Equitation

proud parent

Lunchtime entertainment included a hilarious rendition of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, Jane, Wendy and Lindsay all dressed in their bedtime splendor!

The Dressage Challenge was head-to-head Musical Freestyles all to holiday music. Paddy O’ Cognac took the first, with Stephanie up! 

Ever-popular block elimination came next, with Giulia and Ray winning the Kids’ and Lilly and Molly-B taking the Adult Division. Everybody got ribbons and lots of goodies…and to all a good night!

Tess cheeringJane,Wendy,Lindsay & Norweigan ReindeerDanielle wins Ride-a-BuckFreestylers-Wendy,Lilly,PaddyLilac & Simon Jump Equitation

For quality prints of these, and any other of our photos, contact

Click here for dates of other shows at Cricket Hill.

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H/J SCHOOLING SHOW – 6 Riders, 4 Horses on the Road

Posted on December 1, 2007

Stephanie took the Cricket Hill contingent – Giulia Cohen, Mia & Allegra Colman, Ruby Lang, Tasha Mitchell & Lilac Watt – with their trusty Academy Schoolmaster mounts – Bandit, Beau, Mickey & Simon – on the road in the big trailer! Everybody did fantastically, all getting ribbons showing against some stiff competition, both adults and children! Highlights: Mia took a 3rd & 4th on Bandit in Pre-Short Stirrup, her first away show! In the School Horse Equitation Division, Allegra garnered 2 4ths and a 5th with Bandit and Simon, and Lilac won Reserve Champion on the strength of her 1st in equitation and 2nd in crossrails! Tasha won two 3rds: 18″ crossrails with Simon and W/T/C in the Pleasure Horse Division with Beau. Ruby got a 4th in the same class riding Simon. Giulia took a 3rd on Beau in the second W/T/C class and impressively held her own in the Schooling Hunter Division (mostly adults on big horses) with a 2nd on Mickey! Congratulations to all. Thanks to Krys for all the help keeping the crew organized at the end! Everybody’s working hard to be ready for the next away show in March!

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NEW OWNER for Dauntless CH

Posted on November 30, 2007

DannyCongratulations to Cindi Dickerman of Sharon MA on her purchase of 6-year-old Dauntless CH! Danny was bred and born at Cricket Hill, by Dresdenn out of the Hanoverian mare Graphike, now one of our super Schoolmasters.

Cindi and Danny are a great match, and will continue their Dressage studies as a pair. Danny travelled like a champ to his new home at Tower Hill Farm, Mendon MA. Danny’s already wowing them there as the perfect warmblood for tiny 4’10” Cindi! Good luck to you both! We’re looking forward to your future successes!

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PRESS REPORT – Mike Citrin featured in the Independent

Posted on November 13, 2007

Mike Citrin“Not just for gentry – the ancient ritual of hunting on horseback is alive and well” was the feature story in the “Country Life” section of the Independent this week. This colored 2-page spread was liberally sprinkled with comments by Mike Citrin, Ancramdale. Mike has been a member of the Rombout Hunt for over 25 years. Mike keeps his hunt horse Oscar at Cricket Hill which sits in Rombout’s north country.

“It’s fox chasing, not fox hunting. The whole reason you’re out there is to experience nature and watch the sun come up” says Mike. Interested in more? Talk to Mike!

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SHOW – Crosswinds Jumper Schooling Show

Posted on November 11, 2007

Mickey & TessFive Cricket Hill horses and riders journeyed to Crosswinds Equestrian Center for a Jumper Schooling Show. Giulia Cohen, Tess Wagman, Allie Wise, Allegra Colman and Lilac Watt took Academy Schoolmasters Ray, Mickey, Beau, Bandit, and Simon under the watchful eyes of Lindsay and Stephanie.  Simon won the Power and Speed Class with over 20 entries with Lindsay up! We were very proud of all the horses and riders. Congratulations!

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AWARD – Koriakin wins All-Breed Championship

Posted on November 8, 2007

Koriakin & WendyWendy Luscombe’s Fjord Koriakin was named Champion in both Amateur and Open competition at Training Level by the United States Equestrian Federation.

Wendy was also 1st place in the Vintage Cup for riders over 50 years. “I couldn’t have done it without him,” quipped Wendy. Congratulations to both!

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SHOOTINGSTAR – Academy Program for Jumping

Posted on November 3, 2007

ShootingStar I has arrived! ShootingStar is Cricket Hill Academy’s program for jumping, a companion to GoldStar for riding and related horse care. Sign up with any Instructor. Completion of GoldStar III is a prerequisite for ShootingStar I.  Click here for more information.

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FROST – Fall’s First

Posted on October 29, 2007

frosted dahliasThe gardens were still going strong until the first frost hit October 29. This is about 6 weeks later than “the way it used to be”, and a tangible sign we deserve the upgrade from 5 to 6 of our Hardiness Zone, i.e. it’s warmer. Taking advantage of this, we are adding to the late season display in the Gardens at Cricket Hill Farm… might as well enjoy it! Visitors to the farm next year will see the results of this year’s transplants and addition to stock of fall bloomers.

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NEDA YEAR-END AWARD to Wendy Luscombe

Posted on October 18, 2007

Congratulations to Wendy and her trusty Fjord Koriakin! The pair placed 6th in the Adult Amateur Training Level Division with a rousing average score of 67.2%!

The New England Dressage Association has an annual competition for riders at all levels, ribbons awarded on the basis of performance throughout the year. Great job, Wendy!

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SADDLE CLUB – Mapping the Trails at Cricket Hill

Posted on September 22, 2007

aerial view of Cricket Hill FarmThis week, Saddle Club began their project to map the 200 acres of riding trails at Cricket Hill. Leader Stephanie took the group with pencils and papers to note all the landmarks such as the lake, cross-country jumps, woods, extra rocky paths, fields, etc.  After the big map is made, members will name the trails. Hunting season and bad weather will put the project on hold, to be continued in the spring. Activity open to all members of Saddle Club.


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Posted on September 21, 2007

Paige 9-21-07Congratulations to Paige who completed GoldStar I this month! Paige has ridden a variety of Schoolmasters at Cricket Hill, and completed this first module on Bandit. The school bus drops Paige right at the farm when she comes to ride in the afternoon; she lives in Pine Plains with her parents and brother.

Good job, Paige! We’ll be looking for you in GoldStar II!

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NEDA FALL FESTIVAL – 8 Horses from Cricket Hill Compete

Posted on September 15, 2007

Delilah with Sara & AndrewRibbons for everyone! The show opened this year again with rain, making the in-hand classes very muddy for handlers as well as horses! Delilah was shown by Sara Vanecek with Andrew assisting. The sun broke through for Jane to enjoy her blue with broodmare Charlie and colt Flight.

Undersaddle: Jose, Wendy Luscombe’s Andalusian stallion, made his debut at 3rd level with Jane. Wendy showed Koriakin at Training Level. Paddy and Sienna negotiated the puddles like the seasoned veterans they are at 3rd Level, Paddy having won her Bronze medal this year. Palmer won her amateur class at 2nd Level with CHA Downtown Brown.

All enjoyed Donhana’s exciting finish as Reserve Champion in the 2nd Level Sweepstakes, ridden by Jane! Jonathan & Melinda Gould own this lovely Hanoverian mare. Unfortunately, the show pictures didn’t come out, so we captured Donhana, below right, relaxing at Cricket Hill with Melinda and daughter Meredith – who’s starting her riding career very early! Congratulations to all!

Flight & JaneJose & JaneKoriakin & WendyPaddy & SiennaPalmer & BrownDonhana, Melinda, & Meredith

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Posted on September 1, 2007

Another perfect day! Good fun and great food for all Cricket Hill’s friends and families. Games and a treasure hunt for kids, a hotly contested horseshoes return match, walks down to the lake. Tours through the gardens. Beautiful flower arrangements taken away in the Silent Auction along with lots of other goodies. As always, 2 important highlights: the Horse Demos – first, a 6-member drill team, the Cricket Hill Cowgirls, delighted the audience with an ambitious routine developed that week in camp and flawlessly performed – see below in their final line-up. And a pas-de-trois celebrating the start of the football season performed by Beth Anne, Stephanie and Laura. Also eagerly awaited is the BBQ presentation of the coveted “Golden Fork Award”! Pictured below is Paddy Rossbach, 2006 recipient, passing the perpetual prize to Krys Schrom, recognizing all her work on behalf of Cricket Hill Academy!

CH Cowgirls 2007BBQ 2007Golden Fork 2007

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Posted on August 28, 2007

Sophia 8-28-07Congratulations to Sophia for completing GoldStar II ! Sophia started this module at Horsemanship Camp and finished up a few weeks later. This learning helps Sophia with her own horse. 

Students can pursue GoldStar accomplishments through any activity at Cricket Hill, with any instructor. And they can go as fast or take as long as they want. Learn more about GoldStar.

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DRAMA CAMP – 2007 Production of Snow White

Posted on August 24, 2007

Snow White cast

An enthusiastic audience enjoyed “Snow White and the Cricket Hill Dwarfs”, this year’s original Drama Camp production on horseback. Congratulations to the outstanding cast: Ruby Dunlea, Snow White on Sunshine; Allegra Colman, Prince Charming on Patrick; Caitlin Tierney, the Wicked Queen on Graphike; Nellie Hartzell as Sleepy on Bandit; Mia Coleman as Happy on Andy; and Kylie Mallow played Grumpy on Bridget. The Woodland Animals were played by Stephanie Kleinbauer and Laura Tripp, while Jenn Jones was the Queen’s Henchman.

This is a heartwarming story where, as you might expect, good triumphs over evil and everyone lives happily ever after! With a lively script by Jane Rodd, Lindsay Aspden directed, and Sue Bassin was Narrator. Check out our Camp Schedule and get a reservation now for 2008!

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SHOW – Youth Dressage Festival

Posted on August 22, 2007

YDF ‘07Beth Anne & RickyAlyssa & Paddy O’Giulia wins with RayAllie & Beau

For the first time, the Academy brought two teams to the Youth Dressage Festival this year, August 20-22 in Saugerties, NY. Five Cricket Hill riders – Beth Anne Jause, Alyssa Rasweiler, Giulia Cohen, Tess Wagman, and Allie Wise - took 5 Academy Schoolmasters to this competition, the highlight of the year for youth. They met up with two others they had been communicating with by phone and internet – Alexandra Naja and Paige Waechter from the Saratoga Springs area. Highlights for our riders were Giulia’s Bronze Medal in her Training Level Division and the high-point Half-Arabian cooler won with Ray, Allie’s 6th place ribbon with Beau in the very competitive Training Level Prix Caprilli, and a 4th place medal for the team of Beth Anne, Alyssa, Giulia, and Alexandra. All worked together to produce an outstanding stall decoration that won the prize for the Dreamiest! And what great exhibitions of teamwork and sportsmanship! Congratulations to all! And special thanks to staff pictured below from L. to R. Sue Bassin, Krys Schrom, coach Jane Rodd and Paddy Rossbach, and to all the moms and dads! To order copies of these and other pictures, contact

Alexandra & MichanTess & MickeyPaigeTack Stall design winsStaff at YDF ‘07

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