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JUMP FOR JOY – Holiday fun

Posted on December 26, 2008

The indoor arena was bustling from 10 to 2 the day after Christmas. 20 riders of all ages and stages jumped 35 rounds to win ribbons and enjoy a delicious hot, pot luck lunch. The classes started with ground poles, went up to 3′ and even included some speed and power events! Cachez had a great day – 3 different riders, 2 blues and a third. Bridget Colman, only her second ride on Cachez, won the Christmas Jumper Stakes with a clear round in 23 seconds! Eleni and Simon were 2nd in 21 seconds with 9 faults. Bandit and Mickey, shown below, also had big days with their different riders in Cross-rails, block elimination and 2’9″. Even spectators were jumping for joy!

Bridget & Cachez on courseBridget, Allegra & CachezEleni & SimonMartha & Bandit go fastMeg & MickeyMickey goes high!

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Posted on December 13, 2008

spectators Lots of food, fun and prizes at this year’s Party and Show! Participants flow from the lounge to munch and the boardwalk to watch, every once in a while hopping up for a class or game on horseback.

Three equitation classes  – Walk/Trot: 1-Emily, 2-Katie, 3-Dani, 4-Paige. These riders all did so well, they joined the Ribbon Committee with Alexandra! Placings in Jumping equitation: 1-Giulia,  2-Allegra, 3-Eleni, 4-Caitlin, 5-Tasha. Walk/Trot/Canter Dressage Equitation: 1-Giulia, 2-Eleni, 3-Caitlin, 4-Tasha, 5-Allegra, 6-Mia.

Ribbon CommitteeCaitlin & BanditCachez & Giulia, jumping equitationLeah’s musical ride

The Musical Dressage Challenge brought out the biggest cheering section to enjoy the holiday music and costumes. Everyone won an award: Eleni-Most Correct Dressage, Giulia-Harmony/Fluency, Leah-Most Interesting Pattern, Tasha-Best Costume, Caitlin-Best Music.

Two GoldStar Awards were presented. The new 2009 Calendar was on display with all 8 Photo Contest winners featured throughout. A good time was had by all!

Susan GoldStar IBridget, Allegra & SarahAllegra GoldStar II awardCalendar & Photo ContestLise & Adrienne celebrate

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Posted on November 2, 2008

Susan 11-2-08 A milestone in the GoldStar Program! Our first adult certificate awarded! Congratulations to Susan! Even though she can ride only a few times a month, she is very determined and well on her way to GoldStar II. Stay tuned…

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FALL FUN – Show at Cricket Hill

Posted on October 12, 2008

Sarah & Shakespeare Dressage Testdecorations from the gardenGiulia & Ray win youth jumpingAnna’s 1st Dressage Test with BanditThe weather was perfect for our first Fall Fun Show! Dressage, Jumping, 8-obstacle Trail Class and, of course, the most wonderful pot luck lunch! The inimitable pair of Giulia and Ray handily cleared 3’6″ to win the Youth elimination round. Shakespeare took the honors in the Adult division with Andrea up. Shakespeare also did  well in dressage, shown to the left with Sarah at the final salute.

The Trail Class was held in perfect conditions, sunny, just enough breeze to make the streamers shimmer, and dry, so the steep slopes that were part of the course offered sure footing.

Caitlin, Mickey & the GateAlexandra, Sweet Pea & the BridgeJenn, Oscar & the TentLexi & Topper Trail Class

The Fall Fun Show proved to be a great way to give riders a leg up for trail riding in the Spring!

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INTRODUCTION TO HORSES – An Experience at Cricket Hill

Posted on September 8, 2008

10 Fifth Graders from the All Saints Episcopal Day School in New Jersey spent a wonderful afternoon at Cricket Hill. For most, it was the first time they’d been close enough to pet a horse, nevermind get an introduction to horse care, walk on a horse, and learn to lead a horse through an obstacle course with a buddy aboard!

Cricket Hill was asked to provide this session as part of a 3-day program, “Animals in Service” coordinated by the Horse Institute here in Ancramdale. We learned from the teachers how impactful the visit here was – nearly all the children’s description of Memorable Moments were activities with our Academy Schoolmasters…”meeting Mickey”, “Leading/riding/playing with Bandit”, “getting licked by Topper”. Most rewarding was the comment of one little girl… “overcoming fear”. How many ways these wonderful horses contribute!

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GOLDSTAR II to Allegra

Posted on August 29, 2008

Allegra 8-29-08Congratulations to Allegra,  shown here with Simply Simon, her “Main Man” , i.e. trusty Academy Schoolmaster, for this module. Allegra completed all the requirements of GoldStar II just before heading back to school. Well done!

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HORSEMANSHIP CAMP produces new GoldStar grads

Posted on August 15, 2008

Riders at this year’s Horsemanship Camp were busy! Nine campers passed a total of 13 modules from GoldStar I, II, III and ShootingStar I! GoldStar is Cricket Hill’s modular achievement program for Riding and Horsemanship. Click here for more information. While riders work individually with their instructors throughout the year on GoldStar, Horsemanship Camp is a great opportunity to concentrate on their skills development in a fun atmosphere with others.

Friday afternoon’s production highlighted everyone’s new skills for the admiring audience of parents and friends. Passing GoldStar I were Katie, Emily, and Kylie:

Katie 8-14-08Emily 8-14-08Kylie 8-14-08

Martha, Meg and Julia completed GoldStar I and II:

 Martha 8-14-08Martha 8-15-08Meg 8-14-08Meg 8-15-08Julia 8-13-08Julia 8-14-08

Julia went on to finish GoldStar III. Tasha, Willa, and Giulia received certificates for ShootingStar I:

Julia 8-15-08Tasha 8-15-08Willa 8-15-08Giulia 8-15-08

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Posted on July 20, 2008

‘08Team - Giulia, Beth Anne, Caitlin, EleniLendon’s Youth Dressage Festival is always action-packed. Team members are named in the winter and spend months honing their knowledge & skills. Last minute study and practice are concentrated in our Dressage Workshop just the week before. With their strong relationships of mutual support and sportsmanship, this team’s showing at the competition made us all proud!

Each competed in her own age-level division, with 3 scores for the dressage test, equitation, and written test. This year, for the first time, every team member won a ribbon in her division – even first timers Eleni and Caitlin! The team placed 4th in its division, another accomplishment.

Eleni & Ray take 2nd in Prix CaprilliCaitlin & Bandit compete in TrailTeam medal & ribbonBeth Anne & Charley

Eleni and Giulia also showed in Prix Caprilli (jumping) with Ray, and Caitlin and Bandit handily negotiated the obstacles in the Dressage Trail Class. Behind the scene, parents pitch in to help Jane & Sue keep the production smooth and flowing, and a good time is had by all!

Daria & Will hold the fort!Caitlin & Lily take a breakanother wonderful show!

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SHOW – Dressage Day at Cricket Hill

Posted on June 14, 2008

Caitlin & BanditCathe & Fruh SportEquitation Class lines upLise & Bastille

The weather held out for a very successful Dressage Day at Cricket Hill. The schedule was quite full, with 40 rides and a Dressage Seat Equitation class of 7! In addition to our Cricket Hill contingent, we had competitors come from four different barns, all  enjoying themselves and complimenting show management. Classes were pinned to 6th place, and special awards were provided by Horse Leap, Amenia NY. Click here for results.

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KORIAKIN & WENDY LUSCOMBE featured in Fjord Herald

Posted on June 1, 2008

Wendy Luscombe is a pioneer again! Over two decades, she has championed non-traditional breeds in the Open Dressage world, first Arabs and now, Norweigan Fjords. Her article “Koriakin of Narnia: Dressage Star” was featured in last month’s Fjord Herald. Koriakin and Wendy’s accomplishments in 2007 were lengthy and impressive. Included were the East Coast Pony Riders Cup Champion Amateur and Reserve Champion Open, and New England Dressage Association Training Level Amateur Champion, against Warmbloods, to name a few.

And the pair have started off this year with great wins at the ESDCTA Open Dressage Show in Allentown NJ, including Hi-Score Amateur Champion at First Level! Koriakin was joined by his stablemate, Kingston, also a Fjord, who successfully made his showing debut and was named Amateur Reserve Champion at Training Level! Wow…congratulations to all!

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Posted on May 9, 2008

Margaret Freeman with Andrea Gibson scribingAbout this time every year, we arrange a “Ride-Critique-Ride” for our dressage riders interested in showing. This year, Margaret Freeman, S Judge, helped riders from Training to Fourth Level. First, Margaret judged a test of the rider’s choice, then gave some tips – perhaps concentrating on one or two movements – on how to ride that test better. After practicing, horse and rider rode the test again to try to improve their score, and they did! Paddy Rossbach, Wendy Luscombe, Lise Gottwald, Palmer Irving, Kristin McLallen, Jane Rodd, Eleni Econopouly, Krys Schrom, Stephanie Kleinbauer, Ann Sanders,  Sarah Morgan, Carol Swanson.

Jane & JoseStephanie & CachezWendy & Koriakin

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Posted on May 6, 2008

Forsythia ‘Golden Times’One way or the other, with a detour through heat, another through frost, spring has definitely made it to Cricket Hill.

Thousands of daffodils, hundreds of tulips – a few with deer-provided flat-top haircuts! – and all the other bulbs join the Forsythia. This one has golden variegated leaves…so once it starts blooming, it looks like it’s blooming all season! Aptly named “Golden Times”.

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Posted on April 12, 2008

Ever-popular Egg Bobbing is the mid-day highlight of the Spring Show! No hands and no horses!

Tasha holds tape!Chin down, Caitlin!Spring Show ‘08Lilac opens wide!Eggs-alent!

While the weather cooperated for the morning Jumping classes held in the outdoor arena, we came indoors for the Equitation and Games. Ruby was the recipient of the Deb Marsh Horsemanship Award in recognition of her fine presentation of herself and her horse, her helpfullness and good sportsmanship throughout the day.

Martha & BanditAlexandra & AndyRuby wins Horsemanship AwardAriel & SimonPaige & Mickey

Games were run in 4 heats, with 3 competitors vying for ribbons in each. The lead bounced around from game to game and many were very close. Ribbons were presented in the lounge while friends and family enjoyed the last tidbits of a delicious potluck lunch. A great first show for many of our newest riders. Congratulations to all!

Games1- Paige, Dani, AlexandraGames 2-Lizzie, Ariel, MegGames 3-Lilac, Paige, CaitlinGames 4-Tasha, Eleni, Giulia

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ERIC HORGAN at Cricket Hill

Posted on April 7, 2008

The weather was with us for the first clinic with Eric this year! The riders were great, the learning excellent, the opportunity to watch even better, and the lunch outstanding! Two more opportunities in July and August. See Upcoming Events. 

Eric HorganEleni & RobinStella & GiselleSarah & Paddy O’CognacBob & Shakespeare

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H/J SCHOOLING SHOW – on the road again!

Posted on March 30, 2008

6 horses, 6 riders off for a day of fun! Trainer/Instructor Stephanie Kleinbauer used the prior few Saddle Club meetings – these riders are all members – to study the difference in what is wanted in the Hunter/Jumper ring compared to Dressage. This worked well judging from all the ribbons!

Cricket HIll at CrosswindsLilac & SimonRuby & MickeyEleni, Robin & Stephanie

Above Left to Right: Lining up outside before a class were L to R Giulia, Tess, Ruby and Allie on Robin, Sunshine, Simon, and Bandit. Lilac warmed up Simon over cross-rails before going into her class. Ruby and Mickey wait their turn. Congratulations to all but especially Eleni and Robin, Reserve Champions in the Hunter Pleasure Division!

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SADDLE CLUB – Original Dressage Tests debut at Mock Show

Posted on January 27, 2008

Saddle Club winter 2008Nothing quite like starring in your own production! Members rode their own designed dressage test in a Mock Show they put on! Framed pictures of each person’s favorite horse were awarded as prizes: Caitlin riding Simon – most Level-Appropriate test, Ruby D riding Andy - Best Rhythm, Tess riding Sunny – Best Use of Arena, Lilac riding Bandit – Best Transitions, Tasha riding Simon – Best Job Keeping Horse Forward, Giulia riding Robin – Most Improved Test, Eleni riding Ricky – Most Creative Test, Ruby L riding Mickey – Best Test Overall. Thanks to Stephanie, for putting it all together with Krys’ help, and to Jane and Lindsay for the fine judging! 

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ICE BEAUTY at Cricket Hill

Posted on January 11, 2008

Winter provides many unexpected delights for the Garden-Watcher! A unique combination of precipitation, temperature change and light gave us some breathtaking glimpses of fairyland.

Viburnum IceChuckery IceClematis tangutica IceBarberry Ice

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SADDLE CLUB – Write Your Own Dressage Test

Posted on January 6, 2008

Members wrote their own dressage test, minimum of 10 movements, maximum 20. Leader Stephanie reviewed each to be sure it was a challenge for each rider/horse pair so the competition would be fair at the Members’ own organized horse show later this month. Great way to think about riding a test!

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