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Posted on December 17, 2009

friends made at Cricket HillSofia & Mickeymirror decorationAlex & SimonMarisa & Susan

Cricket Hill’s annual party and show was better than ever with new faces joining in to start their own memories. Before lunch, we had dressage equitation – for all ages – jumping – with the snake-line competition especially exciting this year – Giulia & Cachez won with 17 jumps in 60 seconds! Introductory level dressage and even an obstacle course Grab-Bag race!

Giulia & CachezEverybody does lead line!Nell, Lula & John celebrateGiulia & Eleni ride to music

After a sumptious lunch came the Talent Show…wonderful rides to holiday music, certificates for best choreography, costumes, funniest, you get the idea!

Anne & JacquesAnna & Ray win blueScamper & JennBrown & TashaLilac & Mickey

Sofia, Alex & LulaFamily Event - Anna, Mike & Michael, SharonMartha & Bandit‘09 Toast

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Posted on November 16, 2009

Eric HorganWelcome back, Eric! November 15 and 16 were opportunities for dressage and jumping riders to get his suggestions for their winter program. Over the two days, 12 rides were dressage, from Training Level up to Intermediare II. The other 11 rides were jumping or a combination of dressage/jumping. Always a treat when Eric comes, we all enjoyed a sumptious pot-luck dinner at Jane & Andrews’.

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SADDLE CLUB – Travels to Dressage Schooling Show

Posted on November 14, 2009

Trainer/Instructors Marisa Melby and Meaghan Maynard took 7 Saddle Clubbers and a bunch of Cricket Hill Schoolmasters to a schooling show at Cedar Crest in Pine Plains. The weather was not cooperative, and everybody got wet warming up. But happily, the tests were ridden indoors.

In Novice Test A, Katie took a 3rd on Graphike at her first away show! Lilac was 4th on Ray. Training Test A had 11 riders. Ruby was 4th on Ricky with 61.5%. Caitlin’s 61% on Ray took 5th. Giulia, Tasha & Tess showed Robin, Brown & Graphike. First Level Test 2 was won by Giulia on Ricky with 65.2%. Tess came in 6th with Graphike.

Reports were glowing…riders did great, horses were wonderful all day! 

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Posted on October 25, 2009

This hunter pace was Cachez’ debut at the sport, ridden by Marisa. Stella Goulet and her very successful event horse Giselle, were the escorts and mentors. After a bit of nerves at the start, once going the pair was fantastic, picking up a 2nd out of 26 teams! Congratulations to all. Yay Cachez!

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Posted on September 27, 2009

Fall is definitely hunter pace time! And a 1st place went to our own trio at this outing – Eleni Econopouly rode her horse May, Giulia Cohen rode Schoolmaster Simply Simon, and Marisa Melby, a Trainer/Instructor at Cricket Hill, rode Schoolmaster Quincy. A great time was had by all!

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2009 Horsemanship Camp

Posted on August 14, 2009

Our 2009 Horsemanship Camp was all about our riders progressing through the GoldStar modules.  It was a lot of learning, and also a lot of fun!  Congratulations to Alexandra, Anna, Claire, and Sophia for successfully completing GoldStar I and II!

 8-14-09 AlexandraAnna 8-14-09Claire 8-14-09Sofia 8-14-09

Also congratulations to Tess for completing her GoldStar II and GoldStar III modules!

Tess 8-14-09

And finally, a big congratulations to Allegra, Martha, and Meg on completing their GoldStar III modules!

Allegra 8-14-09Martha 8-14-09Meg 8-14-09

The girls were all excellent and worked well with each other to accomplish each of their goals. Overall, we would say camp this year was a success! Click for more on our GoldStar program.

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Posted on April 18, 2009

Although the trees were still leafing out, the grass was green and it was shirt-sleeve weather!  12 enthusiastic jumpers vied in “Take Your Own Line”. Amazingly, Giulia on 14.2 Simon tied Lise on 17.0 Ali! The bonnets were very inventive this year, and the egg races brought on the usual cheering section. Three GoldStar certificates were awarded for work over the winter: Caitlin- GS III, Giulia and Tasha- GS IV. For the first time, we offered a Parent/Child obstacle relay race and had three heats:

Lilac’s chapeauAnne & Dani in parent/child relayCaitlin, Giulia, Tasha - GoldStar certificatesAlex & Mia neck ‘n neckPaige & Sweet Pea

Caitlin & father Tom, Allegra & mom Bridget, Tess & mom Anne (shown here), Stuart & daughter Dani (pictured with Anne), Stuart with other daughter Paige, Alexandra & dad Nick. Tess and Anne just beat out Allegra & Bridget for the blue! Dressage was popular, too, and Palmer had the chance to show her new talented Hanoverian mare, Wizzi, for the first time. Sofia received the Horsemanship Award; even with a broken arm, she was busy all day, managing the ribbon desk and cheering everyone on, shown below awarding her twin sister Alexandra, her own blue ribbon. 

Giulia and Simon on courseBonnets line up for judgingTess & SunshineAlexandra receives ribbon from SofiaPalmer & Wizzi

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GOLDSTAR AWARDS to Caitlin and Ruby

Posted on March 30, 2009

Congratulations to Caitlin on achieving GoldStar III, and to Ruby who just completed GoldStar I! Both are members of Saddle Club, where they can work on their GoldStar program every week. Now, it’s on to the next module - have fun! Click for more on our GoldStar program.

Caitlin 3-30-09Ruby 3-30-09

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GOLDSTAR IV awarded to Giulia and Tasha

Posted on March 1, 2009

Tasha 3-1-09Giulia 3-1-09Congratulations to both Giulia and Tasha who completed all the requirements for GoldStar IV ! These are the first two students to have passed this Dressage module. In addition to the first four GoldStar modules, Giulia and Tasha also completed ShootingStar I, the first of two modules for Jumping, during Horsemanship Camp last summer. Keep up the good work!

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GOLDSTAR II AWARD to Susan Friedlander

Posted on January 25, 2009

Susan 1-25-09A recent new rider here at Cricket Hill, Susan as jumped right into the GoldStar Program, quickly moving through the first and second modules. ” I love to frame my certificates for my desk at work”, says Susan.  We bet her co-workers are as thrilled as we are with Susan’s accomplishments. Now she’s on her way to GoldStar III. Congratulations!

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