Cricket Hill BBQ: is it the 29th already?!

Posted on August 27, 2016

Once again, the weather smiled on us. And now, since we put the tents up on the hill for the shade of the black walnut trees, nothing and no one melts! This year’s Drill Team was a first – beginner riders from age 5 to 8 – an introduction to figures they’ll ride on their own next time! Another musical treat, Kira and Delilah performed Intermediaire I!

The Golden Fork Award went to Lyla Andrick this year, recognizing her outstanding volunteer work for Cricket Hill! Lyla is not only quick with the ideas but hard-working and dependable on the follow through. She created and runs the Saddle Club Gazette, a monthly publication filled with imaginary and fanciful stories contributed by kids, adults, and their four-footed friends at Cricket Hill! Lyla also spearheaded the award winning Cricket Hill stall decoration at YDF this year. And with the other two Student Assistants, Lula and Lulu, was Camp Counselor for a session. The tasty horse cookies were also baked and decorated by Lyla – just another great idea shared with all of us!

Of course, the food is always an attraction and a good reason to take a few minutes at the end of the summer to enjoy a day at the farm.

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