Welcome to Sarah’s Etienne, a.k.a. Lincoln!

Posted on May 30, 2016

We were all thrilled when Sarah Morgan’s new 17 hand Dutch Warmblood walked off the trailer at Cricket Hill today! She and Kira had been looking for months to find the “forever” horse for Sarah to enjoy and progress with up the levels. “He’s a bit greener than we were looking for, but such a willingness and gentle accepting personality, he and Sarah are perfect together,” says Kira.

“He needs a more fitting stable name,” says Sarah. “After all, he’s tall, from Illinois, and very honest! So I’m calling him Lincoln!” Sarah was hoping Linc could hangout with her other horse, Shakespeare, in turnout, but they are both too playful! So Bandit gets the duty! We wish Sarah and Lincoln many happy returns of this wonderful day!

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