Welcome Lulu to Cricket Hill!

Posted on September 2, 2017

Lulu, a.k.a. Lighthouse, a.k.a. Lost Letters, happily joined our band of trusty school horses! A beautiful 11-year-old, 16.1 hand Thoroughbred, Lulu was a generous donation to Cricket Hill Academy by Drs. Woody and Saida Baxt, Beckenrah Farm. Lulu is a very calm, honest mare.

Lulu is a valuable addition to our riding program for adults, especially those who enjoy jumping. Very show-worthy, Lulu has taken adult amateurs to the ribbons at Hunter Jumper A-shows! Kira will brush up her basic dressage so she can be shown in both Dressage and Jumping, as well as go to some hunter paces. Like many Thoroughbreds, Lulu started her career as a race horse (Lost Letters is her Jockey Club registered name), actually won one of a handful of starts, and spent a few years as a brood mare. We can only imagine how cute her babies were!

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