Region 8 Championship classes were huge!

Posted on September 20, 2017

Excellent weather, plenty of pressure, and lots of high spots! Lula’s goal for this show season was to qualify for and compete in the Regional Championships at Training Level. So it was a thrill to have been there along the way to see Lula grow into and meet her own challenge! Of course, Maddie had been perfect all season. Lula also picked up a qualifying score for 2018 and plans to return in Training Level and hopefully First as well!

Rio really settled into Third Level this year, consistently in the 70’s. At Regionals, in a class of 46, Rio and Kira were fifth with 70.4%, just a point and a half behind Michael Poulin who won it, which you might be able to read on the score sheet! The photos below, like those of Lula and Maddie, were taken at a show earlier in the season… the Saugerties pictures weren’t quite as good.

Christoff came along to his first Championship show at First Level. After the first few hair-raising shows, Christoff and Kira were well into the seventies throughout the season. He’ll show at Third Level in 2018 while Rio goes on to Fourth.

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