A nice, old-fashioned Holiday Party that was truly fun for all!

Posted on December 17, 2017

Horses got to sleep in this cold wintry day while the rest of us played in the Great Room at the farm! We were welcomed by wreaths in the bay window and beautifully decorated tables overflowing with food – ham, delicious home-made soups, Seth’s magic mac, to name a few – and all kinds of sweet things! The traditional mulled wine totally disappeared (have to make more next year) along with other libations! All the young-at-hearts decorated the horsehead sugar cookies (have to make more next year). Our first-ever White Elephant Gift Exchange with everybody in a huge circle was a resounding success. The three most swapped items were the leopard bench, the socks, and the Darth Vader toaster – such lucky people who got those prizes!

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