Saddle Club Gazette Library

gazetteThe Saddle Club Gazette – imagined, edited, and published by Saddle Club member Lyla Andrick, center above – came to life with the January 2015 issue. More from the Gazette’s first reporter:

Hi, my name is Zeus. I’m an imaginary horse and Unofficial Editor of the Gazette. Let me tell you a little bit about the Gazette and how you can participate!

“At first it was a small newsletter, but it’s grown into a big paper with many stories and writers! You’ll find hilarious tales, funny pictures, an occasional Horse Mystery, the new Medical Journal, and so much more! I hope you all enjoy reading it!

“Writing is good for you, and there’s a writer in all of us! Whether you love poetry, fantasy or jokes, the Saddle Club Gazette is a great place to start! “

Anyone at Cricket Hill can write a story, have a column, or send photos for the Saddle Club Gazette. If you wish to join in, just email your entry to or – attention Lyla Andrick, Editor and Publisher.

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Fall 2017 – Vol 30  The Protestant horses tell the true story of Thanksgiving; a tribute and ode to Ray; lots in the Photo Gallery.

Aug 2017 YDF Special – Vol 29  Four pages! Biographies of 19th Annual Youth Dressage Team, summer camp highlights, Sunny’s diary.

July 2017 – Vol 28  Trip to Cowgirl Up Ranch, Nonnewaug High School Equine Science class visits Cricket Hill, Top Ten list to prepare for Youth Dressage Festival.

June 2017 – We’re Off to See the Vet  Another Saddle Club word game! First medical “report”.

June 2017 – Vol 27 Jam-packed three-page issue! Coming events from Zeus, another Rebel episode, the Scoop covers Horse Diving, Ronnybrook Farm visit report, and an important call from readers for new Top Ten Topics!

May 2017 – Vol 26  This month The Scoop gets you and your pony ready for flies! The Top Ten is all about chewing….

Mar-April 2017 – Vol 25   Do you speak Fly? Michaela would like to know! Madison talks about food, and the regulars are back.

Feb 2017 – Vol 24 Special Valentine’s Day issue.

Jan 2017 – Vol 23 The 3rd year of the Gazette kicks off! Misty highlights the Top Ten Trends, Madison does a book review, lots of upcoming events.


Winter 2016-17 – Vol-22 FunFunFun – Holiday Greetings from all our regular columnists PLUS cartoons, word puzzles and picture games for the youth and Young-at-Heart!

Sep-Oct 2016-Vol 21 -Read the mythic legend of Kunststoff and Ponysideon, The Plastic Bag Pony; YDF 2016 Photo Gallery with an appreciative nod to Staff; updates on Misty, Liberator, Rebel and more

Aug 2016 – Vol 20 – Special Edition for the Youth Dressage Festival – our stall decoration won Most Original Award as the Cricket Hill Training and Correction Facility!

July 2016 – Vol 19 – TSCG Top Ten includes links to horse care info, Madison’s amorous imaginings, Erin and Tate’s special relationship, looking forward to LYDF

June 2016 – Vol 18 – Next episodes in Rebel and Stella’s stories, TSCG Top Ten, Didi gets a new saddle, too!

May 2016 – Vol 17 – Misty’s Top Ten tips for staying cool this summer, another episode of Rebel: The Story of a Trueheart, Shires, photo gallery

Apr 2016 – Vol 16 – Enjoy some historic photos of Cricket Hill and fun at the Easter Egg Hunt. Didi’s Diary notes her new double bridle

Mar 2016 – Vol 15 – St. Paddy’s Day special

Feb 2016 – Vol 14 – Report on trip to Rhinebeck Equine Clinic, another Gazette Top Ten

Jan 2016 – Vol 13 – Misty’s Top 10 for the Winter, Legend and Rebel continued


Dec 2015 – Vol 12– 3 page special with Figgy Pudding, Horsemas, a horsey 12 Days of Christmas, photo gallery and more

Nov 2015 – Vol 11– Scoop’s Spanish Riding School Report, Thanksgiving wishes, Rebel

Oct 2015 – Vol 10 – Halloween special

Sep 2015 – Vol 9 – Legacy, Misty’s Top 10 Stallion Pick-up lines, Cross-Country at Kent

Aug 2015 – Volume 8 – Special issue for Lendon’s Youth Dressage Festival

July 2015 – Volume 7 – My First Ride (finale), The Scoop, Top 10 Horse Treats, Jackson & elbows

June 2015 – Vol 6 – Top 10 horsey movies, American Pharoah, The Scoop

May 2015 – Vol 5 – Tack Room Talk, Top 10 Showing needs

Apr 2015 – Vol 4 – Zeus’ Top 10 reads, more Peanut Butter

Mar 2015 – Vol 3 – Peanut Butter, Shelly arrives, Isolde leaves

Feb 2015 – Vol 2 – Gazette goes to two pages.

Jan 2015 – Vol 1 – Inaugural issue!